Yes, I guess funding is an issue…

My suggestion in a previous post was that some of our early childhood woes come from lack of commitment on the part of our lawmakers. While I know this to be true, the ultimate lack of commitment comes from the top. Check out this article:

President Bush used to call himself the “Education President.” Now he is not even funding the big No Child Left Behind initiative that he started. Money is also being taken from Head Start and other early childhood programs. Just when we think we might be making headway in education, we always have a set-back. I know that lack of money does make it difficult for local officials to support education.


2 responses

  1. My spirit was dampened by the article.I feel strongly as did Thomas Jefferson that our country will only be as strong as the minds of our citizens. I feel that cuts in education will undermine all aspects of the American life. Education is expensive but ignorance will be more costly.

  2. Education is the gateway to the future. It is unfortunate that our government does not understand that education is crucial to each individual child in our system. Although funding is limited, education should be priority. Right now Utah is fighting to make smaller districts which would help teachers as well as students to gain a better education. And the fight continues… C.Larson

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