That time of year…

This is the time of year when teachers begin to madly assess children in order to report to each parent about their child’s progress. I do think that teachers who have an organized way to monitor progress are not stressed at this time of year. That teacher has monitored on a regular basis and used the information for planning. The teacher can report progress at any time during the year. I worry about the teachers that do not have an organized way for tracking progress. They must be in a panic right now. Are there other factors that make it difficult to assess progress regularly?


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  1. Funk if there is one thing I’ve learned from you is how important assessing is. It is crucial to assess along the way in a very organized and effecient manner. So since one of the big problems is not finding the time to assess just do itslowly, such as two kids a day, but constant and you will be able to giveappropriate progress reports. Also explore and find different assessment tools that work best for you.

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  3. I think the bigger class sizes have an effect on keeping up with assessments. Some classes have close to thirty students in them. I think it’s hard for teachers to keep up with that many students to assess. However, it can be done and many teachers are great at doing on going assessments throughout the year. I think it’s like waiting until the last minute to study for finals, you just don’t do as good of a job if you had kept up with it throughout the semester. You just have to keep up with assessing your students and you will be ready.

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