Dramatic Play

If you take a few moments to observe most early childhood children, it is evident that dramatic play is critical. Children love to act like they are someone/something else. I was watching my three-year-old friend the other day put a princess dress over her clothes. She is convinced that she is a princess. I remember my kindergarten students becoming so involved in acting out a dramatic play activity. We hear complaints all the time that children are watching too much television and playing video or computer games. Dramatic play can be an effective way to get children to do something active and exercise creativity and imagination. Children who are allowed to engage in dramatic play activities are more prepared emotionally and mentally for life’s changes.

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  1. Watching young children engaged in dramatic play is one of the joys of being a teacher. Each year it seems like my class adopts a particular theme or path of play. One year the kids want to play “Olympics.” Another year they are totally into astronauts and space travel. Last year my kids LOVED playing school, and they often repeated our daily lessons during their play. I wonder what this year will bring…

  2. Dramatic play is an amazing part of the early childhood classroom. Giving a child the chance to act out their dreams and giving them the props to stir their imagination is really exciting!

  3. Hello, “Dramatic play”, will really helps the kids.It increases their imagination capability.Here i am giving, WonderWhizKids consists of Chat,Quizes,Science Games etc.Thesee are much useful for all kids.

  4. Dramatic play is important for a child. It begins to nurture their understanding of a lot of things. For example, if the child has quetions of what will happen when visiting a doctor, it is important that you allow them to experiment with readily available equipment, such as a stethoscope. By providing a real stethoscope, they will have an insight into what the doctor will be hearing when it is placed on their chest.Always allow a child to ‘play’ with the stethoscope. Just get them to take their shirt off, lay them down and listen to their heartbeat.Then you can, if asked about, practically demonstrate how the doctor would examine their tummy.

  5. Dramatic play helpful for Kids!! It increases its own capability and want to do what it image!!

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