Building the Foundation

We are getting a new kitchen today. The kitchen was entirely gutted and now workmen are busily putting in new cabinets. I was interested in the fact that they put in foundation pieces (called “toekicks,” I think?) before installing the cabinets. I was struck by how similar this is to a child’s education. Early Childhood years are a very critical piece for building a solid foundation for learning. It is usually the foundation pieces that confuse people into thinking children are “just playing.” The better the foundation, the stronger the structure.


2 responses

  1. As an early childhood professional I find it is still very difficult to help others understand just how critical early childhood education is. As I visit with many other EC educators I also find we are our own worst enemies. As educators, children are more than just our livelihood, they are our future and we need to be proactive in helping them and those around them to understand the importance, the “kick plate” if you will, of a solid, sound education. Good luck with the kitchen…

  2. I agree a solid foundation is needed. I am a first grade teacher who has returned to teaching after a five year absence. One of the biggest changes I have seen is the differences in fine motor skills in my students now. It seems more difficult to teach hnadwriting. As an EC expert, I would love any advice on what is happening. It seems children are not playing with play-doh, stringing beads etc. in pre-school in order to develop the muscles needed. In my community, pre-K and K children are not using fat pencils. Children seem forced to write letters earlier and thus have poor penmanship. Any thoughts?

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