Making Cupcakes

My California grandchildren were in town this past week. I was lucky enough to get to babysit my 2 month-old granddaughter and my 3 1/2 year-old grandson while my daughter and kindergarten granddaughter got their hair cut. We had a great afternoon. While the baby slept, my grandson and I made cupcakes to surprise the other family members. We made a big mess, but we ended up with yummy cupcakes and eventually a clean kitchen. This experience reminded me that sometimes it is messy to give children life-learning experiences. Adults who refuse to make messes are probably not doing what is best for children. I used to get raised eyebrows occasionally for now wearing dress clothing when I was teaching kindergarten. I found that if I wore nice jeans, I didn’t hesitate to get out the paints and get on the floor with the children. Raising resilient children is a messy job sometimes. Get your hands dirty!

One response

  1. Making messes with children are some of the best times. Messes create strong bonds and memories. Some of my favorite memories are making messes in my Grandma’s kitchen and sewing room.When I am around children and they want to play outside in the dirt, paint, cook or create chaos, I smile and say, “Sounds great!”A mess is temporary, memories last a life time.-Colleen 2330.

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