If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the picture book, “The Dot,” by Paul Reynolds, you need to do so. It makes me think of how we try to yank kids up to where we want them to function. Since we know that children progress developmentally, it makes much more sense to start where the child is functioning and provide support from that point. Adults can forget how difficult it is to learn a new skill, especially without good background knowledge and understanding the “why” of what needs to be done. Good teachers and parents provide support at every developmental stage and always remember to also provide the “why” for learning the skill. Then the child can sign his/her name (see “The Dot” to understand this last sentence)!


3 responses

  1. I love what you said about starting at the level the child is at and not just trying to push them along. -Jessica Richards t&l 2330

  2. I can’t wait to read “The Dots”. I’ve looked all over for blogs by early childhood educators as I’d like to start one for my students at my community college. Yours has given me great ideas and inspiration. Thanks for being on the web!

  3. I also love what you said about starting at the level a child is at. I think some parents get so caught up in having their kids be “ahead” of the rest of their peers and so they end up getting carried away. They forget how it is also important for their kids to just play. Kids can learn so many skills, social and behavioral, just by playing. Kami Chambers t&l 2330 Tues class.

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