New Year’s Resolutions

I know, I know, we are all sick of hearing about resolutions year after year, but I have one suggestion this year. During my years as a kindergarten teacher, I made a resolution one January to find out another piece of information about early childhood and how children learn. It became an annual resolution to help me sharpen my skills as a teacher. There is so much new information coming out each year, good teachers try to update their teaching methods with the latest research. I found that making this resolution pushed me to meet the needs of each new group of children. I have always believed that thinking you can teach the same way with the same materials to different groups of children is ineffective. Our teaching strategies must continue to grow as our students continue to change. Make a resolution to improve your teaching skills in 2007.


11 responses

  1. Thats a wonderful resolution! It seems like a great and exciting challenge to find out what works and what doesn’t with young children. I also find myself reading up on issues like this to better myself as a person, and as a future teacher :).Keep up the good work! Magdalene T. 2330-1

  2. I agree that we should always be looking for new and better ways to teach students. This way we don’t end up like that 60 year old english teacher who’s still slapping students hands with a ruler. As time changes so do the students and our society. What may have worked just 2 years ago may not be so good today.I received a suggestion from a friend who sai that every each time he uses a lesson plan, he’ll update it at the end of the day. This allows for him to add upon ideas that went well and also delete or change those that didn’t. Thus, every time he used that lesson plan, it was revised, up to date and felt new to him. Mat C. 2330-02

  3. I am the mother of four children and am myself going to school at the U. After spending several years as a helper in my children’s classrooms, I have noticed the difference between effective teaching and “just getting the job done”. I decided to become a teacher to help the children I come in contact with be able to feel good about themselves and know they can learn and accomplish wonderful things. I am grateful to the teachers who have influenced my children in a positive way, and hope to be able to do the same. LeAnne J-O 2330-2

  4. As a future teacher, I hope to continue my own learning about child development as well as teaching techniques that will help me be more successful in my teaching. I don’t even have my own students yet, but I already feel a great responsibility to make sure that I am doing all I can to help my future students learn how to learn, and teach them the things they need to know. Setting personal goals such as yours will help to keep myself in check with up to date research and hopefully prevent me from falling into bad habits and repeating mistakes, as many teachers do. I am sure that we all want to continue to better ourselves and our skills, but this requires energy and action. A goal is a great starting point and is a wonderful way to motivate yourself to take action and improve. Kristen W. TL5131-2

  5. From generation to generation people change, and as this change occurrs so does everything else. I believe that you do need to change the way you teach each and every year, this way not only does your job not get old but also your students actually learn because its not the same old stuff they are used to. Peggy B

  6. I also agree it is important to continually educate yourself with new ways to be a better teacher for your students. I am taking an ‘Understanding Children’ course, and I believe I will learn a great deal about how young children think and learn. New Year’s Resolutions are always hard for me to follow-up on, but I think I am going to try this one! I am looking forward to being a teacher, and I know that having personal goals like this will help my students. Kim W. 2330-2

  7. I do agree that as future teachers, we need to keep continuing to learn and update our skill and teaching method. the way of thinking and teaching has to be updated along with new students each year. new generation are more active and creative than our generation. my old generation still used method “beating” students who does not know how to count numbers or how to read. that is why I decided to come back and learn how to help students and be a teacher without going through all the sickness and fear while learning at school. learning at school should be fun with a wonderful and safe environment.Lee TL5131-2

  8. It is important to continue to learn new skill and methods to be a successful teacher. I agree that we should learn different teaching strategies with different kids and new technology that comes up. New teaching methods will always change and new ones will form and I believe that each child with have a different intake on each one and some will benefit more than others.

  9. It is important to continue to learn new skills and methods to be a successful teacher. I agree that we should learn new skills and methods to teach our students. Technology is improving so fast that new ideas are coming in. Each student has a different learning style that benefits more than another. If we search and find new ideas we can find better skills to teach different students. I am a mother of 5 and from kindergarten through college I could see that each one of them has a different learning style and technique. By learning multiple skills of teaching we can give them a full education for the best. Martha G. 5131

  10. However, not everything old is bad. The decision to discard should be based on effectriveness, not on age alone. You’d be surprised how much good stuff was written a genertion or two ago.

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