It’s Freezing!

It is freezing cold here in Utah. Much colder than normal winter temperatures. I braved the cold and took my granddaughters out to lunch today. There is nothing that warms you up faster than spending time with a 5 year-old and a 2 1/2 year-old. We had a delightful lunch. Wouldn’t life be grand if all you had to worry about was whether to take your Lion King book or your Dora book with you to lunch. Every person should have spaghetti and cheese sandwiches with preschoolers on a regular basis.

3 responses

  1. It definitely is soooo cold out there. I wish that life could be that simple, but if you break it down into little parts and only deal with one thing at a time, it really can be simple. TiffanyL. 2330-2

  2. I hate these bitter winters. Maybe once I get my teaching certificate I will go teach in California in a sunny, hot room and get paid better too! I really think it is important for adults to sometimes look at themselves and re-evaluate the seriousness of each situation, and try to use the pure simplicity we had as children. If we cannot do that very often, at least we can be remined by spending time with children. Jennifer McD. 2330-2 Child Lit.

  3. It is extremely cold, but it definitely makes you appreciate the sun that much more. I always get way excited when April rolls around because I know summer is here. I like having the variety of seasons, even if I am always wearing a huge coat and have my heater on full blast in my car in the winter. If I lived in a place where it is always hot and sunny, I’d probably get sick of living there because there wouldn’t be any major change in temperatures. As much as I hate the freezing cold, driving in snow storms, and not wanting to ever go outside, I wouldn’t have it any other way.AdrienneN 2330-2

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