We Know Too Much

Sometimes I think that well-trained early childhood educators know too much. It may certainly be the case when we look at our own children and grandchildren. I have three grandchildren (and two adopted grandchildren) in school this year. I have had the opportunity to help or visit several of the classrooms. In some cases I have found very inappropriate classrooms. In other cases, I have found developmentally appropriate environments. My daughter and I had the discussion of how devastating it is to have your own child or grandchild in an inappropriate early childhood setting. Most parents and grandparents don’t really know what to look for in school classrooms. I facetiously say that sometimes it is hard to know too much. However, it also allows us to lobby and work for change. The trick is to influence positive change without causing resentment. We’ll see what happens…


7 responses

  1. I think that it would be difficult to go into a classroom knowing nearly everything there is to know about how to run a class. I think appropriateness is often undermined in classrooms today. Jacinda B. 2330

  2. Goodness, I hope your grandchildren don’t know you distinguish between the ones who are adopted and the ones who aren’t!

  3. To the first replier: Goodness, what can possibly be the similarity between knowing what’s appropriate practice and having both biological and adopted grandchildren? Pathetic comment, really.

  4. I am curious to know what you have seen or not seen for that matter in these classrooms specifically that you feel does or does not facilitate learning. I taught kindergarten last year and it would have been interesting to look at my classroom from your perspective considering I was a first year teacher.Hayley B. 2330

  5. I too have been in a inappropriate classroom. As a future educator I used the opportunity for experience. I looked at that teacher’s classroom, and personally wanted to change the classroom. However I would encourage the teacher to use postivie and DAP materials. As a future teacher I used examples that I hope would never happen to me, and also her education was outdated. So I think that as future teachers we need to keep ourselves up todate with what is going on around us. It would be hard for you John, I am sure to look at the classroom and completely want to change it however I think you could positively help this teacher. By your example maybe the teacher will see that. I do hope your grandchildren have a good year, and I hope that you can help this teacher as well.

  6. It is troubling to think that an educator would label someone’s opinion as “pathetic”. Sometimes it is helpful to step into someone elses shoes; if you had adoped children yourself, you would probably view the comment about differentiating between adopted and biological children differently.

  7. Early childhood education refers to the formal teaching of young children by people outside the family or in settings outside the home. "Early childhood" is usually defined as before the age of normal schooling.Copy The Blueprint Review

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