Taking Risks

I recently heard a recorded speech by Sir Ken Robinson about creativity. He told a story of a teacher who was asking one of her students what she was drawing. The student replied, “I’m drawing God.” The teacher responded, “Well, no one really knows what God looks like.” To which the girl said, “They will in a minute.” In the creativity course I teach, we learn that true creativiy comes when a person is willing to take risks. In other words, they need to be in a non-threathening enviornment that allows mistakes. Sir Robinson believes schools teach kids OUT of creativity. I agree. Unless we can allow children to make mistakes and take risks, there is no increase in thinking, development of talents, or evidence of creativity.


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  1. John, the Sir Ken Robinson video is wonderful. You said, “Unless we can allow children to make mistakes and take risks, there is no increase in thinking, development of talents, or evidence of creativity.”I would say the same for teachers. Teachers are not being pushed to be creative and take risks. In fact, in this era of high stakes testing, taking a risk is something teachers try to avoid.

  2. Wow, wonderful John! Good blog-entry. I like the phrase from the speech of Sir Ken Robinson. Critical thinking is the mother of productive and efficient work. If we let the children explore new themes, We might have the new century Einsteins.Keep up with you good work.

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  4. This was great! It is absolutely right. We need to give children the opportunity to take risk because this is the only way we will know if they truelly can do something or not.

  5. Wonderful post. I couldn’t agree more about taking risks. It breaks my heart that I STILL can walk into preschools and see carbon copy “art.”

  6. I think that was a great blog and very true. We do need to let children express their creativity and not put them down so they can be proud of their work.

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