Something Should Be Done!

I was standing in line for the self-checkout at the grocery store today. Two young men in their 20s were in front of me in line dressed like they just came from the gym. A woman at one of the check-out machines was trying to control a two year-old (from the child’s appearance) who was having a tantrum. The two young men were commenting that “something should be done with that kid.” He was out of hand and slowing the line down. One of the young men told me he grew up in a large family in Atlanta and being the oldest he had to learn to take care of the other children. He said that the child needed some choices right now so that his energies could be directed to something useful. I was shocked at the young man’s insight! I learned that same information at a brain research conference. I agreed with them that something should be done. All young people, prior to having children, should have some training and background information. That is what should be done.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! When I was at the U working on my Human Development degree I thought, “Every parent needs these classes! Why aren’t parents taught this stuff?!” I’d love to develop a parent training course some day to sum up what I learned in all my classes.

  2. I also agree that people should have a little more training before going into parent hood. Sadly there is no real way to control and keep track of that sort of thing so we are constantly having parents rely on child care people and teachers to teach their children at all angles including discipline. Katie Keyes/Tyler 1010

  3. LOVE IT! great little post. And thanks for being a great teacher. I have worked with many teachers and respect you for what you do. Best of luck.

  4. I too agree that people should have more training before becoming parents. I work in a library, where I see parents all the time with their children having tantrums, and always question the amount of training or experience they had prior to becoming parents. -Eboni Page, TL 1010

  5. I agree, I agree, I agree!

  6. I agree that parents should taking some training courses or even better even a human development course to make them more aware. I can’t think of my life without all my schooling in the early childhood field. I always enjoy learning new information about reserach and what’s going on around our children. Today’s life is so much different then 50 years ago and I think it’s important to teach parents how to raise or even understand what to do in situations. I must admit I am a people watcher and it’s been interesting to see how certain parents handle things and as a future parent myself I learn from these things. But parents need to be aware that they are being watched and observed and it’s all in how you handle these situations. Patricia Moore- TL 4330

  7. “You can give a mouse a cookie…” An awful metaphor I know but I think the same concept can be applied, you can give parents the tools and techniques for them to be “somewhat” prepared for raising a child but that doesn’t mean they will apply them. I think it’s safe to say that life doesn’t come with a handbook and neither does raising your own kids. I agree learning how to prepare yourself for having a child, or raising one isn’t a bad thing, it might even give you some helpful tips but something’s just aren’t learned in a classroom. So send the parents off packing place them in human development classes but a textbook parent doesn’t always create a loving one. Nichole V. (TL 4330)

  8. I totally agree that parents should have training before they have children. Or even go into a situation for a week or so with children so they become aware of the situations that will arise with children. The more practice and involement will make it easier and more managable for parents if they have already become aware of what can happen and how to resolve the issues.

  9. I have to agree with everyone here. That was a great technique that the young man suggested. Lots of problem behavior kids express comes from them being bored or not having something challenging to do. That energy should be redirected into something positive. Some people complain that their child don’t have interest in learning, for example, when all they need to do is to make it more fun (especially for young kids). has great educational games that teaches kids reading and math skills. Much more interesting, educational and fun than sitting them down in front of a TV or video game.

  10. It should be a requirement that high schoolers take a child development/parenting class. Some may argue that not everyone will become parents, but not everyone will need to be proficient in algebra either! The great majority of young people will have some sort of interactions at some point with small children.

  11. I agree that it is very important to have experience with children before becoming a parent. Many parents rely on teachers to teach their children discipline. I feel if all parents took a simple parenting course it would make teaching children in the classroom so much easier for teachers. One day I hope to start a family and I can’t imagine becoming a parent without my experience I have had around children!

  12. Vivian said…As a pre-school teacher I notice more parents each year that need help parenting. Parents need to understand parenting, and what that actually means when it comes to disipline and your child. Disipline and guidance that is motivated by love is what I try to explain to families. In this case, it would be letting the child know what they can or cannot do before you go into the store, and then what the consequence would be if they did not follow directions.

  13. yeah your right, hope while I study abroad australia I could do this to come parents.

  14. As a private nanny (no children of my own) I spend quite a lot of time in rooms full of toddlers. Attendance in parenting classes is getting lower, and unfortunately- the average age of the students are getting lower also. It’s sad to me that soon-to-be parents spend more time decorating the nursery than devising a plan and researching what to expect. Too many “Old Wives Tales” and not enough people will to check out the validity of them. Great post…there should be more people pointing these things out. Apparently parenting isn’t just “common sense.” Who’d ‘a thunk!

  15. I stumbled across this post, but as a mom who has taken Human Development courses and who has a child on the autistic spectrum, and who has experienced other people commenting on my apparent parenting skills, I’ve got to speak up. How many of you know what was actually going on between that mom and the toddler that the 2 young men were commenting on? The answer: None of you. So how can you possibly judge it. Yes, it’s true, we all can stand to learn a little, including the parents. And giving a tantruming child choices can help. But A) A Child Development course may or may not teach real life skills. Usually it’s the hands on that teaches that best. B) We all need to learn a little about not immediately jumping to conclusions. I.E. Child is tantruming. Therefore, the parent needs to learn better parenting skills. Maybe. Or maybe children throw tantrums–even with the best parents. Hello?!

  16. I work at a Psychologists office and we do parenting evaluations for parents who have lost their children due to alcohol, crime, drugs etc. I think the state needs to start monitoring these parents more and be more strict on what they have to do to get their children back. They need to make significant changes so that we don’t continue the generation of stupid parents.

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