Working Together

Based on recent comments, know that nothing brings out the passion in people like politics (and religion). It would be nice if everyone would take all of their passion for such topics and aim it toward improving things that will really improve the life of citizens. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am hopeful that the new administration will hold to their commitment to early childhood. I worry because there are some serious situations right now, like the economic situation and the war in Iraq, that will take a lot of time. My hope, however, as I stated last time, is that our local governing bodies can work together to make sure our children are taken care of and nourished. Research says that $1 spent on quality early childhood programs would eventually save the taxpayers $14. We just must make the initial investment.


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  1. I definately agree that we all need to channel our passions into productive, constructive action FOR the issue we believe needs improvement. It seems silly to me that so often we use that energy to try and bring down those that oppose us, or to elevate ourselves above our opponents. If, instead, that energy was directed to the benefit of the many issues facing us (such as funding schools) that we’d actually get somewhere instead of wasting our time in a stalemate.

  2. Hi Prof. Funk. This is Claire Meier from TL4330. I agree with your last post, and enjoy reading your blog. I have enjoyed your class so much this semester. I tried to find a class that I need for next semester that you were teaching, but was unsuccessful. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy time well spent with your family and friends!

  3. As a director of a daycare I hear daily how my teachers are struggling finacially and feel they may have to leave the field of ece just to make ends meet. They watch the owner of the center going on trips and buying expensive vacation homes. I really hope that Obama will take the stand and make ece teachers recogized as one of the most important teachers there can be. I want to see all children having the same early childhood education and not just the ones that can pay and I want to stop seeing people get rich off and important issue as education.

  4. I agree with what you are saying. I think it is very sad that our future-our children never seem to be a priority. What a better world we would have if we all would aim our goals to improving things that really improve the life of citizens.

  5. Hi John, this is Sarajane Brewer from TL1010. With everything that has been going on these past few months, it has made me wonder and worry a little bit about the things that need to happen. Hopefully we will see some beneficial change in these next few years to come. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I agree that everybody should put all of their passion in to things that will improve the lives of citizens. I was especially impressed with our newly-elected President’s views on education and how to improve this system so that it truly works for all students, including students with disabilities. I just hope that he can get the changes to NCLB that he wants to make, and that congress does not try to stop changes from being made.-Kristin Zito TL1010

  7. Wow I can’t believe tax payers who have children have not taken a stand against the rising cost of child care, helped teachers gain the salaries they need in other to keep them in the field nor marched or protested against taking federal funds away from ece programs and research. This generation of children is different than the children tenyears ago, if they come from severe poverty levels the way this economy is going these children are in alot of trouble when their parents have to choose between agas to get to work and a new coat for the winter. Who will take a stand?

  8. Amen! So many problems our society faces could be remedied if we would only put more focus, time, and resources into nurturing our little ones as they grow.

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