A New Group

Today was the first day of classes at the university. The one fun thing about teaching on the college level is that you get fresh faces in the middle of the year. When I look out at all the new faces, I wonder what is in store for the semester. I love that feeling and always hope that I can make a difference in their lives. We have such a teacher shortage in our area and we need great teachers for our young children. I’m encouraged that the new administration will make education more attractive to sharp people. Our nation can only be as good as we are educated.

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  1. I am excited for a new semester because it means I am getting closer to graduating. I can’t wait to start helping children succeed. I’ve never pictured myself teaching early childhood, but the more I learn about it, it’s all I want to do. It’s a lot of work, but so much fun!! How could anyone say no? Susel J

  2. I am excited as well for this new class and new semester. I love children and from looking at the syllabus I think I am REALLY going to enjoy this class. 🙂 Children are great!Maggie SandackFCS 5170-001

  3. I am also excited for this semester. I hope that I can learn more about children and about teaching so that I can be better prepared for the world ahead. Even though I am still debating if I want to teach or not, I am sure I will use the knowledge I gain in this class! Mary HalesTL 1010

  4. HI JohnI love your blog. I am an early childhood teacher and university tutor in Australia. I have a renewed excitement in teaching after a little burn-out blip and will enjoy reading your blog and sharing the professional enthusiasm.

  5. This semester is a promise of hope for me. I have lucked out and all of my classes are relevant, full of fun and helpful information to learn as well as practical experience and strategies to help the children of our future. It is unfortunate that today we have a shortage of teachers, and with budget cuts in our economy, even more unfortunately so. Yet, I am still happy to see so many dedicated and passionate peers in my cohort. We will fight and pull through! I will be attending the NAEYC conference this March and am very excited for all of the fun classes that will be offered as well as hearing you speak! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!Michelle M 5170

  6. I am also excited for this new semester. This is my first semester at the University of Utah and to be completely honest, I was very scared and anxious to start. However, I am glad that I am here and am finally able to begin to take classes that are intended for my major. Teaching may not be the easiest occupation to accomplish, but it is one of the most rewarding. I can’t wait to begin this class. I’m sure there are many things that I will learn that will help me become a better teacher!

  7. Sorry! I forgot to write my name at the end of my blog! So here I am! Tarra W. TL 4330

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