Let’s Hope…

The economic downturn has everyone worried and many in uncomfortable circumstances. We know that when a family is in peril and stressed, it has adverse effects on young children. Now that the economic stimulus package has been signed, let’s hope that (regardless of political leanings) we can get behind it and turn the country around. One of the great parts of the package is the incredible investment in early childhood education. Research proves that quality child care and preschool will actually save money over the long haul. However, the most important part of the equation is that it will help children become life-long learners. So, I am hopeful that this package to jump-start the nation will also enhance early childhood.

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  1. The economic downturn has everyone worried and many in uncomfortable circumstances indeed! It seems like everything I asked for for Christmas this year illicted a lengthy lecture about the economy. No i pod for sara this year. I also hope that the package will enhance early learning because as my dad always says, education is the key to your future.- sara day

  2. I am not one who fully understands how we fell into this economic crisis but I have seen many parents loose their jobs and face the uncertainty of the future because of it. I am just glad that we have many, state and federally funded educational programs that some people can turn to. My Niece is in the Head Start program in the Missouri and loves every minute of it! She has a hard time focusing and needs a little more help then some four year old’s need. I am happy that she is getting a chance to learn and grow both mentally and emotionally through the head start program, despite the financial situation of her parents. -Stephanie S.

  3. I agree that everyone is really worrying about the economich downtown. The issue is starting to filter down to our smalltown non-for-profit preschool/daycare. We are starting to lose children because parents can’t pay the higher rates and are turning to in home daycare. We really noticed the impact around the holidays when their was less given to the children. I’m not real political, but how will the stimulus package help struggling daycares?

  4. I moved to a county that was in the top 10 as far as poverty level. It has been a difficult year with soaring gas prices. Eighty five percent of working parents that attend child care at my place of business are recieving funding. Their co pays are small but it is a struggle for them. I am hoping that the extra that they will get on their checks will help. They are working hard to be productive or going to school to make a better life for their families.

  5. I am studying to become a teacher and have been spending time inside classrooms and schools as not just a parent, but as an observer. It becomes more obvious to me every time I visit how important it is to get children and their parents involved in their education EARLY! You have to grab their attention while they are young and eager to learn. When a child is excited about school we have to channel that into life-long learning. I hope they can use some of the simulus on early childhood because it is such a crucial time in children’s lives to get them involved. –Kristin JohnsonTL1010

  6. I am currently a earlychildhood major and am in a classroom currently that has recieved a grant to implement technology into the classroom. The resources that they have implemented into their classrooms is unbelievable. I hope that this stimulus money will be focused in technology, because I have truely seen what a huge impact it makes in the classroom. It engages the students and they want to learn. The technology is making them want to learn, which is making them become EARLY LEARNERS! My hope is that this money will be put to good use!

  7. yes, that’s very interesting topic to think about.

  8. You should have the capacity to hope for the best and work accordingly .

  9. I agree! We need to do something about it.That is one of the reasons why there's a new children's book series for speech development that just came out. To help in speech prevention for early childhood age. They are called, "Speak With Me Books". http://www.speakwithmebooks.comThere's a free Speech Development chart for every purchase. code: free2199 All Parents and Educators should have a copy.

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