Put the Rosey Glasses Away

I know I am a couple of years behind, but I just read, “The Book Thief” by Marckus Zusak. The perils of Liesel and Max during the Nazi occupation reminded me of the Head Start classroom that I used to supervise at the homeless shelter. I don’t work with truly at-risk children on a daily basis any longer. I sometimes forget that we have children living in cars, living in foster care until a parent ‘gets on their feet,’ going to school or bed without food, etc. My heart always breaks for the children. They have no control over their circumstances and they live not knowing what tomorrow might bring. I worry that the current economy might leave more children in heartbreaking situations. I babysat three grandchildren yesterday. It hurts me that all children don’t have the same safety, love and security that they enjoy. I wish I had a magic wand…


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  1. I can be both good and bad for the child .

  2. This looks like an interesting book, I’d love to read it.Michelle AlbaTL 1010

  3. My name is Colette Jewkes and I am in your Wednesday TL 4330 class. I just remember I had not done this extra credit assignment, and could not agree more with your statement. I had to observe the Head Start classroom last summer for a class, and went home feeling sick thinking of the circumstances for most of those children.

  4. I had the opportunity to substitute a 2nd grade class a few years ago for about two months. It was so frustrating that the teacher left because of an emotional breakdown, but took all the supplies when she left. Not only did some kids not have supplies at home, but to have them taken away at school was just heart-breaking. I spent a lot of my own money for those students, because it would take too long to have supplies ordered and received. It was heart-warming to know that at least one person was looking out for their best interst. -Jamii Stock

  5. I agree that I wish I could help these children that have to go through this! I think that there needs to be many changes in the world so we can prevent these things from happening. Also, I really want to try and read this book! It looks very interesting.

  6. I love this book! it made me cry but one of my favorite ones. It really reminded me how grateful i should be for the things and opportunities i have in my life. Your comment on children around the world who don’t have as much as others also made me realize how much their is to do and help with out there.- Mayralilia V. TL 1010

  7. Reading such a book is a great experience and exposure to the children .

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