I Like the Real Thing

Earlier this month I accompanied my granddaughter’s first grade class to a museum of ‘natural history.’ I’m always disappointed to see a bunch of stuffed animals. There is something quite ‘unnatural’ about it to me, almost creepy. I guess this is one way we can learn about animals, but….
Last week I went with my six grandkids to the zoo. Now THAT was natural. I don’t care how many times I go, the animals fascinate me in some way. I certainly came to the conclusion that for me, there is nothing like the real thing when learning about animals.


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  1. I am with you. Going to the zoo and seeing a real animal no way compares to a stuffed animal. Hands on is the best way to learn. It brings a much deeper meaning to what we learn. CherieLfcs5170. It sounds like your having alot of fun with your grandkids. I just got my first one about 7 months ago. I did not know life could be this good.

  2. Today when I was on lunch break I walked past the museum. I am not sure what was going on. I know the Toadally Frogs exhibit it a huge attraction. I am sad to hear that there are so many unnatural things in the museum. The family I nanny for has a zoo seasons past. It is a great activity for children to learn and get exercise. I love taking the children and letting them take there time watching the animals. MindiTfcs5170 🙂

  3. Recently my family took a neighbor with us to the zoo. When we got there, he told us he had never been to the zoo before. After I recovered from the shock, I was amazed to watch him take in the surrounding and actually see the live animals. When we got home, my son commented on how much more he learned that day because we took our time and made sure his friend really experienced the zoo. It reminded me that I need to do that and just because something isn't new to us doesn't mean we can't learn from it. KristyDfcs5170

  4. Hey John,All you blog comments were very interesting. I really enjoyed reading about your grandchildren and your turtle. You have a very eventful life.We are lucky to have you at the University. Chris P 5170

  5. Hey I was happy to find your blog because you are interested in early education. I just created my own blog where I'm hoping to get some input on education reform. The first topic that I am discussing about our education system is preschool. Now with your knowledge I would love to have some of your input on early education. My blog is http://americaeducationreform.blogspot.com/I hope to be hearing from you soon. Don

  6. I agree. We spent Easter at the zoo with my daughter and had an absolute ball! She was so intrigued with each and every animal there was to look at. I, myself was pleased to see the steps the zoo has taken to better itself and make the zoo a better place for families AND animals. mholt fcs5170

  7. John! What a smile your blog gave me. You know I'm still at the natural history museum – but I manage the LIVE bug exhibit which is much more exciting than the dead stuff. The stuffed specimens can be a little dreary. I had to laugh though that the zoo felt like a "natural" experience to you. I think I'd rather look at dead animals than ones that are often suffering in zoo situations. Although, it really does depend on the critter. Anyway, I think about you a lot. I hope you are well!

  8. Yeah I agree! Thats the great way to learn children about the animals. Going to muesum is jst like unnatural things shown to your children.Best way is to take ur children to Zoo so that they can see the animals environment and learn more about the animals.ThanksLisalearn english America

  9. Going to the zoo is a great place for the children to learn about the animals. I love to go to the zoo and the language from the children while walking around the zoo is great.

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