Spring in the Fall

I was struck by an extraordinary thought the other day as I was raking up leaves. We go somewhat overboard with our yard, so every fall we must clean up the falling leaves and dying plants. It’s like a right of passage into winter (whether we want winter to come or not). As I was raking, I thought about how much of our yard will ‘sleep’ for the winter and come alive again in the spring. Each perennial plant will have another chance to grow and flourish, trying to surpass the previous year. I was thinking about how wonderful it would be for children who suffer an emotional or developmental setback to have a spring, where they could have another chance to flourish. Maybe this time, with the right light, water and nourishment, he just might flourish. Then it hit me that every fall when we begin a another school year, a child may have a new ‘spring’ in learning. If a teacher works hard to provide the right amount of nourishment, the child can flourish, even more than the previous year. Even as I watch the new trees I planted begin to grow and spread, that same anticipation should be occurring each school year as we watch our students grow and spread their wings.


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  1. From Jodi ICL class.I love this posting. It is so true. What a wonderful thing to give children a new "life"/chance each year. I often hear parents complain that teachers have to do testing at the begining of the year. They wish there were some way to pass on the info to the next teacher. I totally disagree. I think it's essential to give kids a fresh start and I don't think educators should discuss the needs of kids from year to year. I think by giving kids this "fresh" start…we help them to become all that they can be.

  2. Professor Funk:What a beautiful sentiment! I think that we as teachers/future teachers should really consider this idea that children need to "blossom" and grow, and sometimes they need OUR encouragement to do so. If a teacher isn't conscious of a student who needs their own special water and sunlight, it's possible that student may "wither and die". If teachers expect all students to be the same plant or flower or tree, many of the students will not get the proper care and nurturing they need. I think it's crucial to consider students as individuals and not a whole, single body.- Madeline V., T&L 1010

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  5. I really love what you wrote, it is so true! It made me think about what I want to my students when I go back to my country.I really want to help the students to have successful future, because they will build the future of the country.AND I believe that the start is the most important thing, everything depends on it. So, we got to work hard with the young student to make the good future.Thank youMuna AlwailiTL10101

  6. Really a very nice post. Congrats for this.

  7. I like your latest blog! I think the analogy fit perfectly with children and the nourishment that they need. It's sad to think that not all children have the proper "nourishment" to be built back up or "spring" back up whether it be at home or even with other environments that they may be a part of. I think think it's a reminder to all of us adults out there to be mindful of our children that we will take responsibility of in our classrooms and be equally respectful and build a strong relationship with them. Thank you Prof. Funk!Sincerely,Mandy Callahan TL 1010LIFE IS GOOD!

  8. There are so many children who could do a lot better if they had the right amount of support. That is why it is so important that early childhood centers have highly qualified teachers. This way the children's education can be more appropriately individualized.

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