Healthy Kids Learn More!

It is a known fact that healthy children are able to be better learners in a classroom setting. Recently, an Ultra Healthy Blog titled, “Top 50 Early Childhood Health Blogs” named the 50 top early childhood health blogs. Although my blog was named as part of the list, there are some great resources for helping to keep young children healthy.
Childhood obesity is certainly an epidemic in our country. I think my biggest frustration with this epidemic are the factors that we can do something about, such as outdoor play at school. Schools that limit or cancel outdoor play with the excuse of needing more learning time are not doing anything to help student learning. I think some schools just don’t want to deal with any problems that may occur on the playground. To my way of thinking, they are sacrificing the health of the children in their care. I’m still waiting to see documented research that says cancelling recess increases student learning. I think I will be waiting a long time. All the while, young children are getting more sedentary. I think a better idea is to give teachers resources to help children stay healthy.


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  1. I think that taking away children's outside time is just insane. I know, working with kids, that when they have the time to release some of that energy outdoors that they can pay attention much better when they are indoors. I also think that playing outside provides an opportunity to use your imagination in different ways than inside. I don't know what I would do without that dose of outside time for the kids. I know it helps them learn, I can't imagine taking that away from them. C. Shorr 5170

  2. I feel that taking breaks to relax their minds and play outside with other children is important. It may be too difficult for my children to be stuck inside all day. I think that reducing children’s exercise will have a negative impact on their learning abilities and prove to be more harmful in the long run. It is important that we teach children the importance of exercise and healthy living. Kody Colvin 1010

  3. I would agree with you, but not just with recess but in the activities and learning styles that take place in the classroom. If we are to increase learning and keep our children healthy why not have our students be active continually. The kindergarten downstairs does a great job of this! I have never once seen a child sit at a desk an work on a worksheet. They are always physically and mentally engaged. They are moving around, making choices, and learning through a variety of mediums. Etienne Palmer 5170

  4. Not only is being healthy about exercise, but it's also about eating properly. Where I do agree that cutting recess or PE time is absolutely asinine because of the obvious reasons, I think focusing on what our children put into their bodies could possibly be an even greater concern. Because after all, you are what you eat. In addition to more exercise time, we should also be directing our attention to the types of foods, snacks, and beverages being served in the school's cafeteria. Childhood obesity is a current issue, and I know that fried foods and sugary snacks aren't helping the situation. Furthermore, what you eat can also effect how your brain functions. The most important thing we can do in the mean time is educate kids about a healthy lifestyle and hope they develop good habits. J. Steck 1010

  5. The importance of activity in a child's life is huge and taking away recess is just silly. Recess is an essential time for kids to expel the excess energy they have built up while sitting in class. Without recess they will retain that energy and find a way to get rid of it while you are trying to teach. Even as adults we need breathers, recess is needed and students need to learn the value of exercise and how great being about to run about is. M.Gale 1010

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  7. Apprently Kids health some what depends upon teachers, Kids like playing and teacher might want to Teach him like Fun & Play.

  8. I think it's important that schools and teachers teach the children about nutrition and the benefits of exercise. If time spent outside running around is taken away, this goes against what is important for teachers to teach their classes. I think that taking breaks gives the kids a chance to relax and socialize with other kids as well. Even though they aren't in the classroom being taught they are learning other valuable lessons out a recess that needs to be experienced rather than taught.Ashley Bell 1010

  9. There's no substitute for access to fresh air. I agree with Shorr 5170 that when children have time to release some energy outdoors that they can pay attention much better. Teaching children the importance of exercising is thwarted when schools remove one of the most important components that support healthy living.Carr 8100

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  11. You have a very valid point I do think healthy children will be better learners; but there is so much technology out there that they use for school and entertainment it is sometimes hard to encourage a healthy lifestyle while encouraging them to use technology.

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  13. Studies have also proven that healthy,active and physically fit children will perform better academically. It directly benefits children's body, brain, and behavior.

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