No More Runaway Crayons!

Once in a while, a product comes along that makes life so much easier. Sometimes it is the simplest of creations, but it changes the way things are done. Think of Post-It notes. A simple thing that changed the world.

My latest thrilling product is triangular-shaped crayons! I know, I know, crayons, markers and pencils that shape have been around for a while, but not very accessible. I’m so excited that Colorations came up with a classroom pack of these beauties. Just think, no more crayons rolling on the floor. These wonders stay where they are placed. I am packaging little bags of the crayons to take with me to restaurants when I take my grandkids. I have already had servers ask me where to get them. They really are the answer for child-friendly food establishments. It will be so nice not to be crawling under the booth to retrieve a crayon which rolled away from your child. That will make the eating experience much more positive.
I also love these for the classroom. I’m sure the number of crayons I picked up from the floor number in the millions. I like the idea of having crayons take up residency on the table and stay there. 🙂 I guess it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

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  1. Ahh.. yes the little things in life are the best. I remember as a little kid I got a huge set of like 50+ crayons in so many different colors. They were my favorite and most prized possesion. They came in thier own carrying case with a sharpener in the back. Kept me busy for hours.Melanie P. FCS 5170

  2. Circle or triangle? It is amazing that with a little innovative thought an age old dilemma can be resolved with such simplicity. I'm interested to know if they feel comfortable in little hands…Christy J FCS 5170

  3. I believe occupational therapists also use them to help students who struggle with pencil grip.

  4. I think these crayons would be perfect for EVERY classroom! How often have you sat at a table or desk that really had equal length legs on all sides? not very often lol. These would be wonderful for not rolling off the table, chasing and losing them all over the place! I also remember in elementary, there were these pencil grips you slid onto your pencil and it helped kids who had not yet learned how to hold a pencil correctly. it was triangular shaped! such a helpful and wonderful shape 🙂 Sarah E. FCS 5170

  5. Just ordered some! I am very excited to use them in my Kindergarten class and see what a difference it will make. Thanks for posting that! Also, do you know a good site to buy the BIG pencils from?(Jamie K 5170)

  6. I have to admit that it is the little things in life that make the biggest different and brighten your day. Triangular crayons, genius! -Laura J. FCS 5170

  7. I was so glad to get this simple but valuable piece of information. In fact I put triangular crayons on my shopping list for grandkids and nursery class. I also appreciated the info about using large sizes – had seen them before but didn't think they were neccessary. Janice J. FCS 5170

  8. Hi, John,I wonder if you'd consider reviewing children's music for your blog? If so, please let me know the best way to get new music to you?Beth

  9. I have never seen crayons like this until now, and honestly see them as the best creation. So annoying sitting on a table, kids will throw crayons and naturally they just roll off the table, and getting up an down picking the crayons up, but making them traingular shape they dont roll. So convinient. It is amazing how such a litte change on a crayon can make a huge difference and make little things in life that much more simple. Jen L FCS 5170

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  11. People are always coming up with creative inventions for children. I think triangular crayons are something I have never heard of before until this class. Wonder what crazy invention people will come up with next! Xuan P. FCS 5170

  12. Yup…some new products are really thoughtful, such as the triangle shape crayons. But young children's creativity is dissappearing by some "thoughtful" products as well.Chunlien L. FCS 5170

  13. This is a great idea for the triangle crayons.It will never rolls off the table.This will give a child a good grip when they are holding on.This will give a child a choice to choose. Crayons don't have to be around.When I am growing up in Vietnam, we have to used the chopstick first, before we can able to use a pencil. This is a great idea.Huong VM FCS. 5170

  14. true true…these are great! As a youngster I always remember having to bend down from my chair in class and blindly try to find where my crayons rolled off to! It cut into my coloring time and that wasn't a good thing! These are definitely a great thing!Ryan E. – FCS 5170

  15. I work in a restaurant and we put crayons in with all of our kids menus, I can't even begin to explain how nice it would be if I didn't have to crawl under the tables to pick up crayons that had rolled on the floor. I think that designing crayons in a triangular shape was a brilliant idea! Natalie-5170

  16. I think triangular crayons are an amazing idea! Even now that I am a college student, I still get annoyed with trying to get my pencil to stay on my desk…maybe I should find some triangular pencils so that I will no longer have this problem.Savannah S. FCS 5170

  17. I think these crayons are not only good for the classroom but for all little kids. Nothing is more annoying that climbing under the table to pick crayons up. I called and told my sister about these little beauties and she ordered some for her daughters birthday. It seems it's the simple things in life that make life so much easier. Lynlee S. FCS 5170

  18. I have to say as a server these would be wonderful to have in our restaurant. You would be surprised at the random places crayons pop up when cleaning because they roll all over. There are also some great new innovations for older children such as twist-up colored pencils and markers. I bought the colored pencils for anatomy last semester and it was so wonderful not having to keep a sharpener handy and there was no pencil shaving messes to clean up.Taelor C. FCS 5170

  19. I think that this crayons are great. It makes it easier to focus on the activity rather than spending time picking them up or having children distracted by crayons falling down the table all the time. Areli L. FCS 5170

  20. I do love that these crayons stay in place on a table, but I wonder if its shape is more helpful in that it helps a child better grasp it. It's much easier to hold something that has a flat side for each finger than something round. I only wonder if they would be better bigger as bigger round crayons are easier for young children manipulate; would larger triangular crayons be better still?E. Evans FCS 5170

  21. What a great idea, we are going to order some of these for our preschool. I love reading blogs like this where you walk away with ideas and ways to improve childrens learning and education. Thank you.

  22. As if it is not frustrating enough for a preschooler trying to learn to hold a crayon correctly then having to worry or watch their crayon roll away, triangular crayons are a wonderful way for preschoolers to work on their grasp and not have to wonder where there last crayon rolled off too!

  23. These crayons are the best!!! I don't think this is a new product though. I remember having a set when I was younger. Either way it goes it is a brilliant idea!!!

  24. This was a fun article with the answer to crayons rolling to the floor, getting stepped on then throwing the crayons away. Using triangular writing tools have been around for a very long time for special help with small motor issues but I would have never thought of making crayons in a triangular shape. I want to get some for my classroom

  25. This was a fun article with the answer to crayons rolling to the floor, getting stepped on then throwing the crayons away. Using triangular writing tools have been around for a very long time for special help with small motor issues but I would have never thought of making crayons in a triangular shape. I want to get some for my classroom

  26. Early education teachers can't find these really. But thanks for the post!

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