Getting Ready for Kindergarten

I have spent many years working on helping children be prepared for kindergarten. I have always thought that it was imperative that parents know what truly is important as their child moves into the foundation year of school. When I began teaching kindergarten approximately 25 years ago, many of the children in my class had never attended a preschool. I remember that I preferred that a child not even know how to write her name to having her arrive at school writing it incorrectly (all in capitals). I could teach a child to write her name correctly, but it was twice as difficult to un-teach a child with a learned bad habit. We know that there are critical preschool skills that are important for kindergarten success (being able to identify alphabet letters) and there are skills that are actually not so critical prior to beginning kindergarten (knowing letter sounds). I’m pleased that we completed an I’m Ready for Kindergarten backpack this year. It contains parent-friendly activities that zero in on skills that will be critical for kindergarten success. It is my hope that it will assist parents and preschool workers in preparing our young ones for what I consider their most important beginning. I have two grandchildren who started kindergarten this year. They have had lots of support along the way and I feel confident they are ready for this big step. I wish I could help every kindergartner be that prepared.


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  1. This sounds like a great idea. I currently work with the preschool age at a daycare center. It is great to know some ways I might be able to help prepare these young children for kindergarten and their future.

  2. The Kindergarten backpack is a wonderful idea! I wish that I had this when all three of my children were headed in. I teach at a preschool and I will be giving your link to them to purchase this for their children for sure!

  3. Hi! The kindergarten backpack sounds great. Would you be willing to share a great sweepstakes just for preschool teacher's with your readers?They can win a four-branch top preschool activity table for collaborative and individual work from Hertz Furniture PLUS $150 in school supplies from Hygloss Products.

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  5. Hey John,Sorry to leave an off-topic comment, but I couldn't find any contact info on the blog, and I wanted to ask about a possible guest post. Please drop me an e-mail!Cheers,Lindsey

  6. I work at a daycare and preschool and my job is prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. The backpack is a great idea and wish my two boys had that opportunity to go to preschool. I get a big thrill knowing that I can give other children the chance to start out on the right foot. I chose to become a preschool teacher so I can give children what I could not afford for my own kids. I love my job and look forward to getting up every morning to see all my kids. Wishing everyone a great holiday season and Happy Teaching!

  7. i work at a infant center 6months old to 3 and we have those same activiy bags but for the younger children with crayons and balls and coloring books and regular reading book and do agree that those bags come in handy for children moving on to the next level

  8. What a clever idea!! There are many parents/guardians now a days who can't afford to send their child to preschool prior to beginning kindergarten. The "I'm ready for Kindergarten" backpack sounds like a great way for parents/guardians to prepare their child for those upcoming primary school years. As a future kindergarten teacher, I will definitely keep this idea in mind. I wonder if this company makes backpacks for other primary grades.

  9. Whether you are a teacher, parent, relative, boss, or fellow community member, each of us has a chance to make a positive and impactful difference in a child’s life.

  10. Many experts in education believe that the most important years of a child’s brain development and learning potential occur before age 5. Education at a young age is essential because it increases a child’s ability to focus, concentrate, socialize and develop a love of learning.

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