They’re Watching…

It always intrigues me to watch a young child with his parent or grandparent.  The child watches everything that the adult is doing.  If at all possible, the child will imitate the adult in an effort to be just like the person that is their protector.  As I watched a group of family members show their children how to safely use sparklers to celebrate the holiday yesterday, it was evident that the children were making efforts to follow the examples of the adults.  However, the older the child, the less the child seemed to follow the adult direction.  Isn’t it interesting what children do as they become more independent.  It reminded me again of how fleeting and short these important early childhood years are for those young ones.
The experience also reminded me how vulnerable and delicate our young children are when watching their parent or grandparent.  When adults are good examples and at the same time challenge the child to think and create their own answers, a resilient child is created.  I remember reading some of the research on Multiple Intelligences that was a theory offered by Howard Gardner.  In one of his documents he mentioned how he didn’t want his children to redo the same things that he had done.  He wanted them to create new things and new ideas.   Being a great example to children and encouraging them to develop thinking skills will help carry these children into a future we can’t predict.

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  1. I found early-childhood education extremely promising . A child who gets exposed to learning at an early age has a dramatic advantage over one that doesn't.

  2. Hi Mr. Funk,My name is Andrea Randall. I have been teaching kindergarten and first grade in Santa Cruz, CA for eight years and have developed a reading curriculum that has been very successful in my classroom. Recently I began putting my ideas out into the world via Monaco Lane: Curriculum for Early Literacy. I am hoping you will have some time to review my curriculum at and add it to your treasure chest of knowledge!Thank you, happy summer, and happy teaching!

  3. If you are interested in childhood education, there are many sites that would help you. early childhood education colleges

  4. In early childhood education, children do tend to watch and pick up everything an adult does in front of them. This is a good way to encourage them to read. If they see us reading, it encourages them to want to read also.

  5. Sponsorship organizations mostly arrange basic programs provide for educational and well being needs of kids. These programs sponsor a child , particularly those from low-income and social and economical backgrounds, entry to primary education and studying, healthcare, and nutrition. Apart from financing, these programs also provide facilities, enhance support, and assist in legal support for kid's well being in problems areas.

  6. This is a very interesting article. Today in my education class we talked about historical figures. My figure was Sigmund Freud and he is the creator of psychoanalysis. He believed that children develop their behavior through life experiences. The first people that came to mind were the parents influencing the students as well. However, Do you think it is always the parents influence or do you believe that it could be any life experience? You article made me curious of your opinion as a educator.

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