Protection from the Elements

winter on the porchIt is 5 degrees outside this morning and I’m getting ready to go out.  This time of year requires lots of protection against the elements.  Instead of donning my parka to walk the two blocks to my gym, I put on a hoodie, parka, mittens, and gym pants (instead of shorts).  As I was walking in between snow banks and thinking about the cold, I chuckled at how much work we go through to protect ourselves from the elements.  My exercise companion commented that, “People could die out here in this cold!”

When I visited schools yesterday, I noticed that each classroom was trying to come up with some activities to give their students a break because the cold kept them inside for recess.  The world is also a ‘cold’ place for children.  It is so critical for us to arm our children with the skills to be able to brave the elements of a cold world.  If we don’t, they could “die out in the cold,” or not succeed in having a happy and productive life.  I was thrilled to see that the classrooms were efficiently working on skills and having productive days. They were arming the children against the cold.


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