Family Support is the #1 Factor in a Child’s School Success

It is back to school time again! In fact, some classrooms are already up and running for the new school year. Last year at this time, I posted a blog entry about 10 things to remember when setting up and classroom. To access that list, scroll down to my blog entry dated, July 31, 2014. It contains a great list of things that I tried to remember as I set up my classroom each year during my 25 years of teaching.
I am supervising ten interns this year instead of student teachers. I was visiting their classrooms recently and since they have their own classrooms (no cooperating teacher), they requested help in organizing information to share with parents. This year I thought I would post some suggestions to pass along to parents. I think this content would be a great parent letter home or a nice list to share when the families visit the classroom.

How Parents can Support Classroom Learning

j.funk 8.17.15

  1. Always make positive comments about the classroom and the school. Saying negative things about school gives your child the message that school is not a good place to be and he/she does not need to respect the classroom. If you have concerns, please speak with the teacher directly and solve the problem.
  2. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and a good breakfast. Being rested and having proper nutrition helps a child think. Your child’s brain cannot function well when it is not rested and supported with proper nutrition and water for hydration.
  3. Read to your child. Research indicates that children who are read to, simply know more. Being read to is such a good model for learning to read and understanding new words and other important information about our world. Children who have been read to are almost always further ahead in reading and math when they attend school.
  4. Ask the teacher for activities to help your child at home. Early childhood children are building the foundation for all of their lifelong learning. Ask the teacher for suggestions on how to help support your child’s learning at home. Often the teacher will send home suggestions. Don’t hesitate to ask for more suggestions or for a clarification of the teacher’s suggestions.
  5. Please follow through on all concerns. If the teacher or school contacts you about a concern with your child’s behavior or learning, please support your child by helping to make the situation better. The best support is to not get defensive or take your child’s side against the teacher or the school. Remember that your child’s behavior is developing. Negative behavior in early childhood can get worse and become magnified as the child gets older. The best time to help your child learn appropriate behavior is now. You don’t want your child to suffer continually from negative behavior for the rest of his life. Help your child take responsibility for inappropriate behavior and work together on improving it.

According to many research studies, the number one factor for a child’s success in school is the involvement of her family. When the family members are supportive and place importance on school, the child has the most supportive environment in which to learn.

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