Messy Science

I recently presented a workshop on Messy Science at the annual NAEYC Conference.  Here is a copy of the handout, as requested by many participants.

Mad Scientist!  Combining Art and Scientific

John H. Funk

University of Utah / Excellence Learning Corp.;

Head Start Outcomes Framework & Next Generation Science Standards for Kindergarten

(question, observe, predict, experiment/test, observe)

Five Senses/Body Parts (Goals P-SCI 1, 3 – Scientific Reasoning)

  1. X-Ray Print (Biocolor Paint –white, black; white paper; tray; scraper)
  1. Color Mixing (Liquid Watercolor – red, yellow, blue; water; container)
  1. Salt Crystals (Coffee filter [or Colorations BIGTEX filters]; Liquid Watercolor; salt)
  1. Fluffy Goop (Colorations white school glue; shaving cream; Liquid Watercolor)
  1. Biocolor Window Stickers (Biocolor; acetate or slick plastic)

Weather Patterns (Goals P-SCI 3 – K-ESS2-1; K-ESS3-2 – Scientific Reasoning – Earth’s Systems)

  1. Corn Starch Fade Away (Corn starch; water; tray; Liquid Watercolor spray)
  1. Tornado Tube (2 empty 1 liter bottles; tube connector; water)
  1. Water Moving Fountain (2 empty 2 liter bottles; fountain connector; water)
  1. Sun Print (Sun Print paper; everyday object; sun)

Life Cycles (P-SCI 4; K-LS1)

  1. Life forms on light table (life forms/x-rays; light table or panel)
  1. Stamping Thumb Prints (stamp pads, paper, markers, thumbs J)
  1. Documentation Journals (paper)
  1. Collection Journal (paper bags; glue or staples)

MagnetsPush and Pull –  Floating and Sinking (Goals P-SCI 5,6; K-PS2-1, 2 – Scientific Reasoning – Motion and Stability)

  1. Marble Printing (Magnet; magnetic marbles; paper; Biocolor paint; tray)
  1. Slick Sand (Slick Sand; container; water)
  1. Oil is Lighter than Water (Vegetable oil; water; container; Liquid Watercolor)
  1. Floating & Sinking Rafts (Colorations Craft Sticks; container of water; items to sit on raft)

Problem Solving – Engineering Design (Goals P-SCI 3,4,6; K-2-ETS1 – Drawing Conclusions/Engineering Design)

  1. Building and Connecting (Building Brilliance Blocks; Light Table)
  1. What Make It Cold? (Insta Sno; Water)
  1. Engineering and Building

j.funk 8.17.15


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  1. Hi, do you have details about how to do these experiments and projects?

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