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Let’s See…Start with the Sun!

I was talking to my favorite 5 year-old last week about the projects she creates. I asked her, “How do you know what to make or draw?” Her answer surprised me very much. She said to me, “First you have to start with the sun.” When I asked why she started with the sun, she stated it was because it was going to be a ‘happy picture’ (duh!) Wow, what a life lesson. Anything can be accomplished if you start with a sun. Sometimes it is a bit depressing at this time of year when we are waiting for the spring sun to start shining. My little Kaylee was telling me that sometimes we have to make our own shiny sky. If you begin with the sun, then everything following can be a happier picture.

I saw an old friend of mine this morning at the gym. He always has a smile on his face and the room just seems a little brighter when he is around. I realized he was my sun this morning and it really was like the sun starting out my day. I thought of Kaylee’s advice and realized how much joy we can bring to those around us if we just ‘start with the sun.’ That is exactly how I felt when I was a kindergarten teacher. I guess the day is REALLY sunny with 24 suns!